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Nadvia Davis (2017, February 27-March 5). Celebrating threads that connect Insight Magazine / READ

John Mark (2016, March 17-30). Choreographers That Move Us Lavender Magazine / READ

Sheila Regan (2016, March). A dance tapestry Star Tribune / READ

Chris Hewitt (2015, November) 9 questions with Threads Dance Project founder Karen L. Charles St. Paul Pioner Press / READ

(2015, October) Threads Dance Project presents ‘Warriors of Light’ Insight News / READ

Linda Shapiro (2014, March) Threads Dance Project: Body & Soul City Pages / READ

Caroline Palmer (2014, March). Sweet Honey in the Rock helps dancers soar Star Tribune / READ

Tad Simons (2014, March) Karen L. Charles Threads Dance Project MPLS.ST.PAUL Magazine / READ

Caroline Palmer (2013, August) A Woman’s Work Star Tribune / READ


2018 MN Original – tpt

2016 Urban Perspectives with Pete Rhodes


2018 KFAI Disability and Progress interview with host Sam Jasmine

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2014 KMOJ Slave Songs Interview with Charles Dennis