Acknowledgement of Native & Enslaved People

Threads acknowledges that we exist on the stolen lands of the Dakota Tribes native to Mni Sota Makoce (land where the waters reflect the clouds), known today as Minnesota.  These territories were stolen from the Native people by war, starvation, removal, and relocation. Threads acknowledges and honors the Native inhabitants of this beautiful land and thank them for hundreds of years of stewardship, cultural contributions, and sacrifice.

Threads also acknowledges that we exist and thrive due to the contributions of Enslaved Africans and their descendants who were forcibly removed from their homelands, stripped of their culture and identity, contributed unpaid manual labor, and suffered physical and psychological abuses for over 400 in America. The cultural and economic contributions of Enslaved Africans and their descendants in Minnesota and the entire United States have made America one of the most economically successful nations in the world.

Acknowledgment of Native Americans & Enslaved Africans in no way atones for the atrocities they hve experienced.  We hope this acknowledgment will raise awareness and encourage everyone to be better allies and supporters of our Native American and  African American brothers and sisters.

Threads is implementing practices and programs to move beyond acknowledgement via our Tapestries programs, discounted fees for Black & Indigenous artists and community learners, and our ongoing efforts to build partnerships with organizations led by and supportive of Native American and African American people. We ask that everyone move beyond acknowledging by choosing to support Native and Black led artists,  arts organizations, and cultural organizations.

Here is a no-exhaustive list of organizations to begin your journey of learning and education as we are doing at Thread by contributing to and participating in their programming.

All My Relations Arts
Body Prayers
Bohemian Way
Indigenous Roots Cultural Arts Center

New Native Theater
Penumbra Theater
Rosy Simas Dance
Strong Movement
Threads Dance Project
TU Dance