Threads invites students ages 12-16 to apply for our 12-week pre-professional dance training program, NexGen> Youth Dance Project (YDP).

NexGen> YDP uses a holistic approach to training future dance artists. The program enables youth to enhance technical skills, explore creativity and manage stress and trauma in a safe, supportive environment. Students will receive 6 hours per week of high – level training and education from professionals in dance and health care professionals in the areas of ballet technique, modern dance technique, dance – movement therapy, and nutrition.

Program Schedule:

Tuesdays 4:30-8:00pm & Thursdays 4:30-7:00pm
Begins March 7th, ending with a student performance the week of May 23rd.

Program Cost:

$450 with need-based scholarships available.

Who Should Apply?

The program is seeking 20 students ages 12 – 16.

How to Apply:

Complete the application (link below) in which students will be asked for demographic information, and to to submit a link to a 2-3 minute movement reel that may include studio and/or performance footage. Video link is required at time of submission.

Applications will be accepted January 23 – February 17. Students will receive notification of acceptance into the program by February 20, 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to wear to class?

Students must wear black leotards, flesh/pink tights, and flesh/pink ballet shoes to class.
These can be reasonably purchased online at Discount Dance ( or another online store, as well as local stores such ad Step n’ Stretch or Grand Jete.

What will I learn in the nutrition workshops?

The Nutrition aspect of our program focuses on – teaching nutrition basics and how to fuel your body as a dancer; Developing good nutrition habits (i.e. eat some veggies) sometimes; understanding of different nutrition philosophies and how they work ( i.e. veganism, vegetarianism, etc.)

What is dance-movement therapy?
Dance-movement therapy explores movement to alleviate tension and stress, emphasizing the connection between the mind-body. Students will be journaling during these sessions as well.
Does my movement reel have to be in costume?
No. You also do not have to be on a stage. We want to see you as a mover in a studio/informal or stage/formal setting or both.

For additional questions, email