Youth Dance Project

The Threads Youth Dance Project (YDP) is a new pre-professional dance troupe for students committed to dance as a way of life and a way to make a difference.

The past year has been incredibly stressful for all Americans, but Black youth have been most affected by vicarious and repeated racial trauma, disproportionate COVID deaths and financial losses, as well as deepening inequity throughout the educational system. Threads will engage community youth in unique pre-professional dance training to provide the much-needed holistic support of their minds, bodies, and creative spirits. Our mission is to train the next generation of dancers while also empowering the next generation of young people.

Research has shown that improper training exposes young dancers to an increased risk of developing anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. However, when done right, dance more often provides creative, emotional, and physical outlets that can facilitate deep healing and meaningful personal development. YDP is one such program!

Up to 20 dancers ages 12 and older will be selected by audition and receive rigorous dance training twice a week during the school year (Sept-June). Youth Dance Project members will be selected based on their technical ability, movement potential, commitment to dance study, and social justice. 

Exclusive YDP classes include ballet, modern, and jazz technique, improvisation, choreography, as well as courses on physical and emotional wellness. Ultimately, the Youth Dance Project seeks to develop fully realized dancers, creators, and community activists able to use performance in support of themselves and their community.

We train dancemakers to be changemakers