Tapestries 8.0

Tapestries 8.0 is Threads Dance Project’s annual showcase of emerging choreographic talents. This year’s show commissions new works from three choreographers – Da’Rius Malone, Averie Mitchell-Brown, and Shoko Tamai. The show also features the repertory work CALL by Threads Dance Project’s Artistic Director, Karen L. Charles. CALL uses the African/American tradition of call and response to sculpt the often difficult relationship between the dancer and the dance.

Tapestries 8.0 celebrates diversity of thoughts and ideas through the varying styles and movement stories of each choreographer. From Hip Hop to Contemporary dance, the audience will experience dance artistry at its best.

About the Guest Performances

Inspired by “The Shadow-Work Journal” and “The Inner Work,” Da’Rius Malone embarks on a journey of confronting hidden hardships, healing their inner child, and breaking generational trauma through vulnerable movement creation with dancers’ stories intertwined.

Averie Mitchell-Brown explores groundbreaking dance performances celebrating Hip Hop social dances, street styles, and movements of the African diaspora, set to revolutionary music, fostering dialogue, community, and a transformative exploration of societal norms and perspectives.

Shoko Tamai invites you on a dance journey inspired by life’s transformations, from moon cycles to butterfly metamorphosis, exploring self-discovery, forgiveness, and intergenerational connections.

MAY 3-5, 2024

Tapestries 8.0 Show

Friday, May 3 @ 7:30pm
Saturday, May 4 @ 7:30pm
Sunday, May 5 @ 2:00pm

528 Hennepin Ave 2nd Floor
Hennepin Center For the Arts
Minneapolis, MN 55403


$30 General Admission
$25 Seniors
$22 Students

We thank our sponsors for their invaluable support in bringing Tapestries 8.0 to life, uniting communities through movement and dialogue.

McKnight Foundation